Tea Mugs

Wholesale hand painted, gold gilded tea mugs. The word for this type of pottery in Thai means, "five colors". The patterns are all hand painted and finished with 12k gold. The tradition of hand painted gold gilded pottery dates back hundreds of years to ancient Siam, where it was used for religious ceremonies and reserved for use by royalty. The "Matte" finished mugs are layered with a second coat of paint & gold, and then fired a second time to produced a raised texture. Each mug comes with a matching lid and coaster! Please note that the shape of the handle and top spire may vary slightly from what's pictured here. Any of these pieces, or, an entire tableware set can be ordered with your logo or a symbol! If you are interested in buying wholesale from us, please create an account so we can verify that you're a retail store, meditation or yoga center.