Oryoki Sets

We supply (wholesale) oryoki & jihatsu bowl sets, cloth sets & utensils to meditation centers and stores around the world. If you are interested in buying wholesale from us, please create an account so we can verify that you're a retail store or meditation center.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What is an oryoki bowl set?

- Oryoki bowls are a set of nested bowls, used in a mindful eating practice called Oryoki. Check out our blog post at: https://greateasternimports.com/blog/post/exploring-oryoki-enhancing-meditation-training-through-mindful-eating.html

2. What size are the Oryoki bowls?

-  We sell 3 different types of oryoki bowl sets.  The jihatsu sets, the Soto oryoki sets, and the monks sets.  The jihatsu sets are available in either plastic (melamine) bowls, wooden sets, or lacquered sets.  The Soto sets and monks sets are available in wooden or lacquered.  Each of the sets vary slightly in size, but the sizes are all listed in the descriptions on the pages with each of the different sets. 

Wholesale oryoki & jihatsu bowl sets, cloth sets & utensils.