Support For Your Meditation Practice

As most people why try meditation quickly find out, being reasonably comfortable sitting in the meditation posture can be one of the most challenging parts of learning and integrating meditation into a regular practice.  Having a good cushion that gives adequate support can make the difference between enjoying meditation and dreading it!

If you’re looking for meditation cushions to sell in your store, or for your meditation center, we can help!  Our meditation cushion covers are made with a durable 12oz. (100% cotton) canvas, in your choice of 35 different colors, with a minimum order of only 10 pieces total, 5 per color!  The Zafu’s & Zabuton’s we sell are available as either a shell (to be stuffed), or zippered cover (to fit over an existing cushion).  Zafu’s can be ordered in traditional style (with pleats), in “Pillbox” style (without pleats), or in “Half Moon Crescent” shape.  And our gomden style meditation cushion covers are available in full size (13″ x 18″ x 6″ high), or half size (13″x 18″ x 3″)  All the Zafu’s and Gomden’s we sell can be ordered in a single color or two-tone pattern (as shown below).

Traditional Zafu with PleatsPillbox style Zafu without pleats.Half Moon Crescent style zafu meditation cushion

These are perfect for re-covering old, worn out cushions that you already have at your meditation center.  If you have a store and you want to cut down on costs, you can order the covers from us and then fill them yourself to save on the cost of shipping the batting/filler material.

Gomden style meditation cushion and Zabuton mat

Most zafu and zabuton cushions are filled with cotton or kapok batting, which can be purchased at local craft or fabric supply stores.  Zafu meditation cushions are also sometimes filled with buckwheat hulls, which can easily be inserted to fill your cushions.  Zabutons can also be made (filled) with felt pads instead of cotton or kapok batting.  We recomend using two inches of felt padding to make sure it’s thick enough to provide a soft base to protect people’s knees and ankles when they sit on them.  Gomden style meditation cushions are usually filled with rebonded foam, and often have a thin pad of soft foam on the top to provide a soft surface area with an excellent, firm base.  Rebonded foam is quite heavy, however.  Recently we’ve also seen good quality industrial strength (firm and durable) hard “foam” available, which provides a lighter (weight) alternative for filling your gomden style cushions.

Rebonded foam for Gomden style meditation cushions.

Felt Padding for Zabuton Mats

If you’re not yet signed up for a wholesale account with us, click on the link to our website at, and fill out a few details so we can get you set up and ready to go!